Absolutely English!



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“Absolutely English!” is a language quiz that challenges and develops your knowledge of English. Whether your level is basic or advanced, “Absolutely English!” offers you a fun and interactive way to practise your English reading, speaking, listening and writing skills. All levels can play together and, no matter what your level is, everyone has a chance of winning, making it an enjoyable and motivating way to improve your English.

Game contents:

55 yellow cards (46 Grammar cards + 9 Pot Luck cards)

55 blue cards (46 Vocabulary cards + 9 Pot Luck cards)

55 green cards (46 Phrases cards + 9 Pot Luck cards)

55 red cards (46 This & That cards + 9 Pot Luck cards)

55 purple cards (46 General Knowledge cards + 9 Pot Luck cards)

1 die

1 timer – should you want to set a time limit for a player to give an answer

Additionally you will need:

✓ paper and pen

✓ a dictionary and/or internet access, for reference purposes

Object of the game: To collect one card from each of the 5 categories by correctly answering questions and then to answer a Grand Finale question.


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